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Are You Ready to apply?

*Please note, once you have your EMT state license #, you can apply with Lifeline Ambulance*

EMT State Card Process:

a) Obtain a NREMT Certification (National Registry of EMT)

b) Obtain a Live Scan for Ambulance Attendant (DOJ Fingerprint/Background Check)
                -For Live scan locations:

c) Apply with County EMS office:

    1. LA COUNTY:
    2. OC COUNTY:

*Complete application for respective county, follow all directions & submit documents

d) CPR Card (American Heart Association)

Apply Here: Questions?
Contact Human Resources at

e) Orange County Ambulance Driver/Attendant License

If EMT course in OC, visit OCEMS page above and create application
If EMT course in LA, attend a 4-6-hour course, then visit/apply OC COUNTY EMS

f) Ambulance Drivers License

g) You will need another Live Scan for Ambulance Driver

h) DL 51 Medical Exam (provided by Lifeline for pre-employment screening)

Live Scan for Ambulance Driver & DL 51 Medical Exam are complete you can go to DMV to take Ambulance Driver’s License Test.





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